Tesla Pickup Truck Concept, Price

When you think of electric cars, the first name that flashes at the back of mind is Tesla! While mainstream car giant like GM and Toyota have come up with their electric and hybrid cars in recent years, there is no denying Tesla’s role in popularizing the concept of electric vehicles for mass use. While Tesla has produced some interesting electric vehicles that drove curiosity in experts and the mass alike, the company had a focus set on consumer vehicle in most cases. This year Tesla is talking about launching a pickup truck, driven by electricity and powered by its cutting edge technologies. Details of the Tesla Pickup Truck are obscure but rumor and automobile new sites are abuzz with speculations already.

Tesla Pickup Truck front

Tesla Pickup Truck – Elegant Design:

Back in January 2016, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company is planning to launch an electric pickup truck. The company is upbeat about bringing out its Model X SUV now but the automobile rumors sites have come up with the possible rendering of the upcoming Tesla truck. The hints revealed by Musk about the model have also fueled the buzz. The CEO said the company will not make a midsized pickup but will focus on bringing up something like heavy duty and rugged contender like the Ford F 150. The truck from Tesla may share framework and a lot more with the much touted Model X SUV. The company is likely to stick to double cab build. It is also likely to be equipped with rugged tires.

The interior is likely to resemble a cockpit with Tesla’s typical large touch screen and sporty bucket seats were thrown in. A digital gauge cluster and minimalistic dashboard are likely to be there.

There is no doubt the upcoming pickup truck from Tesla will feature futuristic technologies. Tesla may incorporate in cabin insulation and external aerodynamic techniques. The features may be inspired by those used in Honda Ridgeline or Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, some are staying. It is not known if the truck will have trims.

Tesla Pickup Truck interior

Tesla Pickup Truck – Power Expectations:

The upcoming truck may be a 4WD version with the company’s Dual Motor technology deployed. There can be several powertrain choices for the buyers. The Model X reaches 60 mph from zero in 6 seconds and Tesla would want similar capacity for the pickup truck, as experts think.

As per the version of Musk, the vehicle may get Tesla technologies like autopilot and Summon. The upcoming Tesla Pickup truck may match the Nissan Navara NP 30 in terms of payload, experts assume. This means its payload will be 1000 kg or so. Nothing is known about its towing capacity but it is likely to be on the high side if Tesla aims to compete with Ford F 150.

Tesla Pickup Truck – Price and Release Date:

This is a matter of much speculation. It is not going to be cheap but the starting price could hover around $50,000. Based on equipment and packages, this can soar upwards. Its release date is not clear but Tesla Pickup Truck may opt for a 2018 or 2019 launch.


No matter when it is released, the Tesla Concept pickup truck may create the sensation in the pickup truck segment. While luxury brands like VW are there and BMW is also making its model, the Tesla model can initiate the eco-friendly storm in the segment. It may face competition from the Mercedes-Benz Pickup Truck, though. Even then, the truck will be positioned in a niche of its own. If Tesla manages to pack in a good battery and makes the body rugged enough to lure off-road enthusiasts it will be a roaring success.

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