Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept Prototype Debut

Although it is not official yet, Infiniti is about to step into a new market. After BMW and Audi considering the debut in the truck segment, the same will happen with Nissan’s luxury branch. The only question is – can premium pickups succeed in a class where only utility matters? Well, the Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept could change the minds and close the gap between functionality and luxury.

As said, Infiniti has no pickup truck in its official concept page. But, the arrival of the Monograph platform for full-size SUVs could be a good start for Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept. We can find new renders and concept images by fans, but the company still doesn’t come out with their own ideas.

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept

The BX Concept

If the leaking info is true, the truck should come out with BX badge. According to creators, the BX pickup will be able to run in wildness without any problems. That is the utility part. And as every vehicle by this company, the Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept will be packed with a lot of premium accessories and features.

The BX platform shows a regular two-door cab configuration. Besides that, the bed is not too big in photos. It is obvious that Infiniti Truck when comes in production will be a compact pickup.

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept To be Based on Nissan Frontier

The good thing for enthusiasts and fans is that the Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept can be compared to Nissan Frontier. As a parent company, Nissan is going to offer the best possible support. The shell of its entry-level truck could be used for a start. Of course, the Infiniti pickup will upgrade it with unique details and parts. The truck must be eye-catching and bold to make the immediate impact.

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept Prototype


It is easy to borrow the shell from its sibling from the other class. But even top of the range Frontier models can’t meet demands of Infiniti fans. They got used to luxury and all extras this nameplate brings. So, the overhaul of the cabin is certain. New dashboard and control panel will hold stylish gauges, control buttons, and a huge infotainment screen. Seats and overall comfort will be on the much higher level.

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept Specs

While the appearance of the Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept must be much more premium, the engines could be carried over from SUV class. The biggest vehicle there is QX80. Under the hood of the SUV is a 5.6-liter V-8 engine with the capability to produce 400 horses. This might be too much for the Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept prototype, but the company still keeps the cards open. A possible downgrade would fit BX truck perfectly to compact pickups segment.

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept engine

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept Prototype Release Date

Infiniti will definitely join the new class soon. But, the first prototypes and test mules won’t be out before 2020. By then, Mercedes will launch its X-Class in the US and Audi will follow its archrival. The Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept must come out as soon as possible, especially with an excellent background this vehicle has in Nissan and its Frontier.

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