2019 Pickup Truck Sales In U.S. – Full Reports by Quarters – Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 

2019 Pickup Truck Sales In US

Truck dealers in the US know they’ve chosen the most profitable segment in the automotive industry. Big or small trucks, there is always someone who wants to buy this kind of machine. Good sales and nice profit are tow guaranteed things. Sales are metered by quarters. We have completed two full three-month periods and some … Read more

Is Ford F-350 Best Dually Truck in the Market? Here are a Few Other Models That Could Change Your Mind

dually truck axle

Having a dually truck means you need to tow and haul huge loads. These models are based on standard heavy-duty and chassis cab trucks. With double wheels at the rear axle, engineers are improving traction and balance. This is very important for driving loads in tough conditions, around construction sites, and off the road. What’s … Read more

2020 Ford F-150 Lightning Will Borrow New ‘Stang Shelby GT500’s 700hp Engine

2020 Ford F-150 Lightning $100,000 price

Now with the diesel engine part of the lineup, what is next for Ford F-150? We can hear that the company is ready to launch a performance-oriented truck. Some say the 2020 Ford F-150 Lightning will enter production. This version was a product of Special Vehicle Team (SVT) and it had two waves. The last … Read more