2021 Chevrolet Silverado 4500 MD Truck [Kodiak]

2021 Chevrolet Silverado 4500

The 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 4500 is the entry-level medium-duty chassis truck by General Motors. There are two rivals in this segment. Of course, Ford is always there and FCA also added Series 4 truck recently. These units became competitive pretty quickly. General Motors is not producing GMC Sierra 4500 yet. There are some indications this … Read more

2021 Chevrolet TopKick Chassis-Cab Truck

2021 Chevrolet TopKick

General Motors is back in the chassis cab segment. The company launched Chevy Silverado 4500 and 5500 models, which will compete with Ford’s Series 4 and 5 trucks. The first one used to be called Kodiak. Fans immediately brought back memories about the big working machine. Another old nameplate we could see instead of Silverado … Read more

2021 Chevy Silverado HD Trucks

2021 Chevy Silverado HD

The heavy-duty segment is the most profitable class in the automotive industry. It brings the most income to the truckmakers. Although the half-tone pickups achieve more sales, the heavy-duty models are mostly commercial machines that haul a lot of cargo. The 2021 Chevy Silverado HD is a GM representative in the segment. Like its main … Read more

2021 Chevy Colorado Diesel – Z71 or ZR2

2021 Chevy Colorado Diesel specs

The 2021 Chevy Colorado Diesel will still be the most capable midsize truck in the market. A powerful and reliable Duramax unit will provide enough energy for on and off-road drive. Still, there are a lot of other options available if you are after a pickup with a diesel engine. Well, this is probably the … Read more

What’s New for the 2021 Silverado 1500 Diesel

2021 Silverado 1500 Diesel

The 2021 Silverado 1500 Diesel remains the most powerful truck in the class. However, it is not the best one when it comes to towing capacity. Still, the extra power and torque could be used for the new ZR2 version, a competitor of the Ford Ranger Raptor. Duramax is not changing the configuration. So, we … Read more

Here Are The 2021 Silverado 1500 Rumors

2021 Silverado 1500 special edition

What’s next for the 2021 Silverado 1500? General Motors is losing the pace with Ford. That is not all since FCA sold more RAM 1500 trucks in 2019. The update on the legendary Silverado is required to stay competitive. We are getting various reports from different sources, so let’s check what could be new for … Read more

2021 Chevy Silverado SS Release Date

2021 Chevy Silverado SS concept

The 2021 Chevy Silverado SS is one of the dream trucks fans would like to see as soon as possible. A few concepts and renders are drawing attention, but everything about this model is unofficial yet. Well, the pickup had this edition a long time ago. Since the Ram 1500 is now more popular than … Read more

2021 Chevy Avalanche Comeback or No?

2021 Chevy Avalanche

The comeback of the 2021 Chevy Avalanche is one of the biggest mysteries in the truck world. Chevy could also bring back the El Camino, but its appearance in the Breaking Bad movie is one of the latest showings. On the other hand, Avalanche stands slightly better, but still not good. We can analyze where … Read more