Will Chevrolet ever bring back the Avalanche?

We could read a lot of rumors about the Chevrolet Avalanche comeback. Sadly, there are no official announcements or hints from the company. Still, fans continue to search for clues that will give them any kind of info regarding this pickup truck that was discontinued in 2013. Now, several years later, we still can’t say if the model is going to return or not.

There are a lot of cons. First, we don’t see this sporty truck purpose in modern time. Second, development and production will be too expensive. What is more important – the sales are, well let’s say unpredictable. SUVs are taking over more and more buyers, so only pickups that can tow a lot will survive. On the other hand, it is clear that the Chevrolet Avalanche has a wide base of fans. The company is not going to disappoint them.

chevrolet avalanche comeback

You Don’t Need Chevrolet Avalanche – You Have Silverado High Desert

The best-selling GM’s vehicle, Chevy Silverado 1500 entered the new generation. The lineup introduced changes and the new model – High Desert. We were stunned with its unique upgrades, which reminds us of the Chevrolet Avalanche. So, is this a try to reincarnate the pickup through the Silverado’s lineup. Definitely. Development of the new trim package is way more affordable, for the company and buyers. Everything is there, and the GM only needs to bring details.

The Chevrolet Avalanche used to be very similar to the Chevy Tahoe. The new full-size SUV is on the way, and many experts are taking Silverado High Desert to speculate what will the next Tahoe look like. The front fascia and some other design solutions could be the same. But, we will know more by the end of 2019.

chevrolet silverado high desert

The Major Concern – Sales

Well, the development of the new truck would cost too much. Nowadays, the versatility of SUVs and crossovers is hard to match. For a while, the mid-size pickup segment was under a lot of pressure. Some said that we are near the end of this class. However, the segment revived and now fans and experts are speculating about further additions.

The Chevrolet Avalanche would be an all-new truck. That means a lot of money for development. Furthermore, that would increase the MSRP of the truck. As a result, the expensive truck can’t expect big sales numbers.

Where Chevrolet Avalanche Could Fit in the Truck Lineup?

Another major concern. General Motors have Chevy Colorado as a mid-size truck, full-size Silverado, and heavy-duty Silverado HD. Besides that, there are also twins with GMC logo. So, what kind of truck the Chevrolet Avalanche can be? Sporty truck? No way it can stand the competition of SUVs. Compact truck? No. Premium truck? Too expensive. And GM already has GMC Sierra Denali.

chevrolet avalanche return


The conclusion is obvious – the Chevrolet Avalanche is not coming back any time soon. We can see the truck only as a hybrid model. However, this kind of pickup is not going to be available on the market in the next 2-3 years. On the other hand, hybrid truck won’t have too much in common with the old Chevy Avalanche. So, fans must realize everything and make it clear – do not wait for this pickup. Silverado 1500 High Desert is a good copy.

2 thoughts on “Will Chevrolet ever bring back the Avalanche?”

  1. I believe there is a market for the avalanche.
    I’m waiting for a sport version in 4 wheel drive, that offers a manual transmission with an engine that is appropriate for a sport version, and the type of person that drives a manual transmission.
    That being said, this means a LARGE ENGINE. 6.0 or larger. Did you see what GM did with the Colorado.
    The only engine available with the manual transmission was the smallest 4 cylinder engine made for the truck.
    Then I’m told we can’t sell manual transmissions.
    NO, what you can’t sell is the stupidest combination anyone could think of.
    Do you really believe a person that drives a manual transmission wants to feel the awesome power of a 4 cylinder engine?


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