BMW Pickup Truck Concept Review, Price

With nearly every big and iconic carmaker hopping on the pickup truck bandwagon, can BMW afford to sit idle? The market buzz regarding a release of a BMW Pickup Truck Concept gathered momentum when the company’s Australia wing’s MD Marc Werner said, “never say never” when he was asked about the issue. While this was not an official confirmation, it is possible BMW would enter this highly lucrative segment in the automobile sector. Given the fact rivals Mercedes-Benz and Tesla are coming up with their pickup truck models, it makes sense for the iconic German brand to bring out its contender. While no official information has been released by the company, some renderings of the expected model are available on the web already.

BMW Pickup Truck Concept front

BMW Pickup Truck Concept – Design Features  and Technology:

A BMW pickup truck would be aimed at the premium midsize truck segment. The model may be built on a reinforced unibody chassis much like the popular Honda Ridgeline. However, it may also be built like the upcoming Toyota Supra. BMW may even think of using the chassis used in Toyota Hilux. Another possible exterior design that the German brand may follow is the body-on-frame pickup form used in US rivals like Chevrolet Colorado with luxury thrown in abundance. However, industry experts opine that BMW may very well make use of its X5 crossover to develop the trucks. The well-known kidney bean grille, four-eyed Led lights and chrome-like accents on the body can be expected. A roof rack may be included like the VW Amarok. The cargo bed may be made up of composite material.

Even the cabin of BMW truck may be based on X5 crossover. The typical BMW dashboard with wood and metal trim can be used. The infotainment setup and instrument cluster may be molded for the model. It may be a 5 seater truck.

As expected from a BMW truck, loads of safety features and infotainment options can be there. Features like lane keeping assist, traction control, ABS, blind spot monitoring and a rear view camera can be there.

BMW Pickup Truck Concept – Under the Hood:

Nothing is known about which power train would be used in the expected BMW pickup truck. It could be the power train used in Toyota Hilux or the unit used in X5. The truck may be equipped with diesel or hybrid engines. Usage of an automatic transmission unit and BMW’s xDrive AWD system may be expected.

BMW Pickup Truck Concept – Price and Release Date:

While exact price of the expected BMW Pickup Truck Concept is not known, it will not be a cheaply priced vehicle. The industry experts think the price could hover around $57,000. It will vary on the engine used. The release date of the model is uncertain.


While the BMW Pickup Truck Concept will appeal to a lot of people looking for a luxury midsize pickup truck, it will still face some competition. The Mercedes-Benz Pickup Truck will be its main rival. Tesla’s foray into this segment also gives BMW reasons to worry. If BMW keeps the pricing competitive and sticks to its mix of technology and usability, the truck may woo the target users all right.

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