2021 Tacoma Diesel: News and Rumors

There is no official denial for the 2021 Tacoma Diesel. Toyota keeps us in dark wit this type of drivetrain. Well, rivals are overtaking the market. Chevy Colorado diesel is the most capable truck, contended by the Jeep Gladiator, which wouldn’t be a serious competition without the EcoDiesel unit. Ford is about to add an oil burner to its Ranger. Well, Tacoma is still a sales leader, but it cannot last forever. The new generation is planned for 2024, and until then, we will have to see several changes on the existing truck.

The age of diesel engines is coming to the end. Oil burners are big polluters. Hybrid units, with a way better emission results and fuel economy are the future of the truck industry. But, these types of powerplants cannot match the towing and hauling capabilities of diesel mills. So, until electric drivetrains reach the full potential, oil burners will be the best choice for the work.

2021 Tacoma Diesel rumors

Which Engine the 2021 Tacoma Diesel is Going to Use

Tacoma is the US version of the best-selling truck in the world – Toyota Hilux. The pickup is using a diesel engine, and buyers outside the States don’t have too many dilemmas when picking it over petrol drivetrain. The first engine coming to our mind has a code of 1KD-FTV. A 3.0-liter displacement is slightly larger than Colorado’s Duramax and upcoming Ranger’s engines. With 180 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque, it is pretty capable to tow. Plus, the latest updates made it release fewer gasses. Still, we will see what EPA tests are going to show. Toyota is using the D-4D technology to get the best of this engine.

2021 Tacoma Diesel release date

TRD Pro and Other Rumors

Fans of the 2021 Tacoma Diesel cannot wait to see the pickup in the combination with the TRD Pro package. However, since the diesel engine is not confirmed yet, all these stories are just rumors. On the other hand, Toyota made it clear – they won’t deliver an oil burner for the full-size Tundra. For the smaller truck, we don’t have a denial. Still, both classes are risking to lose buyers because of this move, but Toyota might look further. We can also find reports about a hybrid engine, which is a higher priority than Tacoma Diesel. The electrification will start with such a unit, eventually ending up with PHEV and EV drivetrains by the time the new generation appears in 2024.

2021 Tacoma Diesel

2021 Tacoma Diesel: Pros and Cons

The towing capacity and fuel economy are two main reasons why buyers want to see the 2021 Tacoma Diesel. Currently, the truck is rated at 7,000 pounds and 20 mpg combined. For example, Chevy Colorado with the Duramax powertrain can go up to 28 mpg on the highway. On the other hand, diesel engines are not going to last for too long. Even now, there are a lot of restrictions, and requirements are hard to meet. The development and production would be very expensive, which will also make this pickup cost significantly more. The fuel economy difference would need years to cover that. Plus, the maintenance of oil burners costs more, so summing it up, the mpg boost doesn’t pay off so much.

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