2021 Ranger V6 Is Near Production

There are a lot of talks what is next for the 2021 Ford Ranger. There are no doubts the truck is going to have only one drivetrain option. Hybrid engine is something public expect the most thanks to big announcements by the carmaker. However, the truck segment is keeping up thanks to the capability. So, the 2021 Ranger V6 would be a more likely option for this kind of a vehicle. Well, the powerplant could also mean we could see the Raptor package.

There are a few possibilities for the 2021 Ranger V6. Well, a turbo-four the pickup is currently using is very capable. A V6 would improve towing capacity. This is the most important upgrade, although buyers will pay the price in higher MSRP and fuel consumption.

2021 Ranger V6 engine

2021 Ranger V6 Engines Options

Ford has a long list of drivetrains. But, which one could fit the 2021 Ranger V6 the best? The EcoBoost 2.7-liter model is the lightest one. However, the power output beats the existing package. The F-150 is already using it. Buyers are not buying too many of these, having much more potent options.

Still, we believe a 3.0 or 3.3 would be a better fit. The first one debuted on the Explorer in twin-turbo setup. With such configuration, the Ranger would raise the bar to the new levels. A high-output V6 can produce 400 horsepower. The first thing coming to our mind is the Raptor model.

A 3.3-liter mill is returning the similar outputs like the existing EcoBoost four-cylinder. However, a larger engine can tow more. Truckers love bigger engines. Speaking of these – a 3.5-liter model is probably the best the Ranger can get. Its bigger sibling F-150 is using a turbocharged version with 450 hp. Well, this one is not happening for the mid-size truck.

2021 Ranger V6 price

2021 Ranger V6 Raptor

The Raptor is still a dream. Well, not for the entire world, since buyers in Australia and Europe are driving Ranger Raptor. However, their version is using a 2.2-liter turbodiesel engine. This one is not an option for the US truck. Too bad, since the drivetrain can burst 200 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. Just the reminder – Chevy Colorado is making serious damage with a diesel engine.

Besides the V6 petrol engine, Ranger Raptor is also going to bring a package of off-road features. Skid plates and big FORD badge on the grille are the things that will make this truck recognizable. Plus, there are other cool upgrades, such as all-terrain wheels, special suspension and shocks.

2021 Ranger V6 raptor

2021 Ranger V6 Price Bump

The new engine is going to make the MSRP go up, especially if it appears with the Raptor package. The truck will cost just under $26,000 and the V6 will make it closer to $30,000. However, it also depends on trim levels and the larger engine probably won’t be available for the XL model. The 2021 Ranger V6 Raptor will be around $40,000. The mid-size pickup will also offer premium trim levels, which will bring the MSRP to similar charts.

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