2021 Nissan Titan XD Brings Back Diesel Engine, Introduces Warrior Model

Titan XD is the largest truck by the Japanese carmaker. It is bigger than its sibling which name it carries. For the new season, Nissan is preparing a lot of changes, not only in the pickup segment. Of course, the truck class is one of the priorities. The 2021 Nissan Titan XD will take the same position, somewhere between the full-size and the heavy-duty lineup. The only possible rival might be Ram 2000. However, the FCA focuses on other segments, since this sub-branch is not so profitable.

The biggest question about the 2021 Nissan Titan XD is if it brings back a diesel engine. The company discontinued it, but most fans don’t believe it is for good. The new generation of the pickup will probably bring it back. The next mystery is – what did happen with the Warrior concept? Experts once believed this platform will be capable to stand against the F-150 Raptor. However, it never entered production. Now, we are receiving signals that upcoming Titan XD might consider it as a serious upgrade.

2021 Nissan Titan XD interior

Petrol Engine Specs

A 5.6-liter engine is one of the most reliable V8 units in the market. It also powers the standard Titan and experts are sure Nissan will bring it back. It is still unlikely to see a turbo V6 replacing the large and powerful displacement. Trucks are popular because of their utility, not fuel economy. Current V8 is capable to produce 400 hp and 415 lb-ft of twist, which is more than Toyota’s 5.7-liter V8 can do. However, the fiercest rival is replacing an old and sturdy motor with a lighter and more efficient powerplant.

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2021 Nissan Titan XD Diesel

Sacrificing a 5.0 turbodiesel is not a wise move. Nissan wants to introduce a greener unit. But, truckers want power and torque. Cummins engineers tuned its mill to produce 310 hp and 555 lb-ft of torque and mated it to a six-speed automatic transmission. The all-wheel drive provided extra traction and perfect balance. The most important detail – the 2021 Nissan Titan XD Diesel would gain a superb towing capacity of 13,000 pounds.

2021 Nissan Titan XD diesel

2021 Nissan Titan XD Warrior

One of the biggest projects by Nissan is unfinished. The off-road knight brought an eye-catching design, outside and inside. The 2021 Nissan Titan XD would gain special elements that will help it solve any kind of terrain. But, the Warrior concept was meant to be paired with a diesel drivetrain. Its discontinuation indicated that the project is done. But, the new generation needs something spectacular. Can it be the 2021 Titan XD Warrior?

2021 Nissan Titan XD warrior

Release Date, Price

The new pickup is hitting the market next year. The 2021 Nissan Titan XD is a serious project and a new generation will have a tough task to keep up with the competition. Well, the abovementioned changes seem to be enough to reach this goal.

The base price of the pickup will go up. Currently, Nissan values Titan $45,000. Crew Cab and 4×4 are standard options that make the truck so expensive. Pro-4X is a cool upgrade if you are often off the road. On the other hand, if you want premium features, you will have to splash more than $65,000 for the Platinum Reserve version.

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