2021 Mitsubishi Triton Adds a Hybrid Model

The 2021 Mitsubishi Triton remains the flagship model in the company’s portfolio. However, the truck is not available in the US, yet. The carmaker is making some moves that could change this. The Triton pickup is going to get a hybrid engine. However, we still don’t know too much about it. The company confirmed some tests are running, but precise info is not available yet.

Well, the 2021 Mitsubishi Triton hybrid is going to be a product of cooperation with Nissan. Well, its only model in the US is available with PHEV technology. On the other hand, when it comes to the truck segment, the situation is a way different. We will see what does the Mitsubishi prepares for its model.

2021 Mitsubishi Triton hybrid

Mitsubishi Confirmed The Development of the Hybrid Truck

This is not the first time we hear about a hybrid pickup. However, no other company made it available yet. The 2021 Mitsubishi Triton Hybrid rumors is a bit surprising since the company is not among the truckmakers we expected to deliver the PHEV engine. Still, chiefs were not precise. They said the engineers are testing possibilities. So, it is not carved in the stone yet. But, since there are experiments, we believe the PHEV truck is going to become a reality very soon.

2021 Mitsubishi Triton

2021 Mitsubishi Triton Release Date

We hear rumors about the 2021 Mitsubishi Triton, but the production version is not coming out so soon. As confirmed, the company is testing drivetrains and capabilities. However, these machines are working mules, and the PHEV unit has to be potent and powerful, not only fuel efficient. So, having all this in mind, we believe Mitsubishi could show the Triton Hybrid in 2021, while the production is not about to start before 2023 or 2024.

2021 Mitsubishi Triton Competition

Well, even the more powerful carmakers didn’t deliver a hybrid truck yet. Ford also announced such versions, but we are still waiting for the debut. It is not easy to build such units and make them match the towing capabilities of hybrid and petrol units. For example, Toyota ruled out all-electric Hilux, while the Japanese company confirmed the arrival of hybrid pickup. Still, it is not happening before 2023. Finally, the close sibling of Triton, Nissan Navara, will probably be the first to get such a configuration.

2021 Mitsubishi Triton release date

Mitsubishi and Nissan Alliance is Behind the Project

Two Japanese giants are joining forces to be more competitive in the market. Well, Nissan Navara is one of the best-selling trucks in the world. Even Mercedes X-Class is borrowing its platform. But, even this pickup is not available with a hybrid drivetrain. Nissan is one of the leaders in this segment since its all-electric LEAF is the best-selling EV of all time. Now, it is time for another step.

Mitsubishi and Nissan could be one of the first companies with the hybrid truck in their portfolio. We won’t see them as competitors since this is a kind of experiment. Whatsoever, two carmakers will listen to rumors from other sources about possible competition. Ford is building more electric and hybrid vehicles, and Toyota said the Hilux Hybrid is not going to be available before 2023.

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