Lincoln Mark LT Pickup Truck Rumored for 2021

It is strange why Ford is not building its most luxurious truck under its premium brand, Lincoln. This company had the Mark LT as the most famous pickup. However, it was discontinued in 2014. Now, it seems like the US carmaker is bringing it back. According to rumors, the truck will arrive at the 2021 Lincoln Mark LT. Still, we are missing an official confirmation. By then, the Limited edition of the Ford F-150 remains the most luxurious truck in the market.

Mark LT already saw two discontinuations. First, in 2008, Ford cut it because of slow sales. Fans were not happy about it, so the company brought it back after the only a two-year break. However, the economic crisis caused another termination of production in 2014. Now, the 2021 Lincoln Mark LT will revive the lineup. At the moment, Ford F-150 is dominating on the market. It is a versatile truck, and its high-end model is Platinum. This trim level is a successor of Mark LT. Well, the US truckmaker also offers the Limited edition pickup with an even more luxurious offer. These two could turn into the new Lincoln pickup truck.

2021 Lincoln Mark LT release date

2021 Lincoln Mark LT to Replace Ford F-150 Platinum and Limited

With the arrival of the premium truck, Ford can turn the focus to other models. The company would leave a vacant spot in the luxury division for 2021 Lincoln Mark LT. However, we could see bot trucks. For example, Lincoln Navigator is a luxurious version of the Ford Expedition. Still, the base SUV is still offering the Platinum model. We could see the same in the truck segment. However, F-150 Limited could be a higher trim in the Mark LT’s lineup. With genuine leather and latest infotainment features, this top-notch equipment deserves to be called a Lincoln.


Isn’t it obvious – the 2021 Lincoln Mark LT will share the platform with Ford F-150. Of course, the new truck will also borrow engines from its closest sibling. However, the look of the pickup model will be similar to Navigator SUV, especially up front. Comparing Mark LT to these two vehicles, we are sure the truck will get a 3.5-liter V6 engine. Turbocharged, it can produce 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque for the premium SUV and the toughest truck in F-150 lineup – Raptor. 10-speed auto transmission is distributing power to either two or all wheels. Towing capacity will be nearly 9,000 pounds. Fuel economy of the premium truck is not noteworthy. You will get less than 18 mpg combined.

2021 Lincoln Mark LT

Diesel Engine

The new Ford F-150 is going to offer a diesel powertrain pretty soon. So, why wouldn’t the 2021 Mark LT do it as well? It would improve the specs sheet. However, the company also takes a greener approach. For the last couple of years, we can hear that Ford is developing hybrid drivetrain for its legendary truck. Well, this would be an even better choice for the premium truck. By 2021, the drivetrain is going to be ready, and the pickup can carry it as a part of its luxury offer.

2021 Lincoln Mark LT price

How Much Will 2021 Lincoln Mark LT Cost?

Having in mind that Platinum version of the Ford F-150 costs $55,000, the new 2021 Lincoln Mark LT could keep this price tag for the initial model. However, we would expect it to see closer to $60,000. The Limited edition is even more expensive, and it could take the place as the high-end Mark LT version. In this case, the price goes up to $70,000 for sure.

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  1. Nice truck but not worth the price, I own a 2008 Mark LT which is a great truck but tired of paying premium repair bills because its a not a ford disguised as a Lincoln


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