2020 Tesla Model P Electric Pickup Truck

Tesla is a leading company when we talk about electric cars. But, they still miss the EV truck. We heard clear plans – after the semi-truck, the company was after the pure electric truck and a roadster. We don’t care about the sports car. We want a working mule that uses electric power, that can tow over 10,000 pounds and go 300 miles in a single charge. And soon! Well, the US company took this job seriously. The 2020 Tesla Model P is becoming a reality.

When talking about the next projects, Elon Musk didn’t offer any time schedules. But, no one expected the electric truck to appear so soon. Well, the official confirmation of the 2020 Tesla Model P is still missing. But, we believe the carmaker will speed up the development. There is a new player in the town, threating to break the dominance of Tesla’s electric vehicles – Rivian.

2020 Tesla Model P concept

2020 Tesla Model P vs 2020 Rivian R1T

This is going to be a rivalry of the 2020s. Rivian seems to be a step ahead of its biggest competitor. While Tesla is still thinking of pickup truck, the first specs of 2020 Rivian R1T pickup truck are already presented. This electric model will have three configurations. The most powerful one will go over 400 miles in a single charge and the truck will speed up to 60 mph in three seconds. Fast charging systems are filling batteries quicker than before. Well, Rivian set the challenge and now it is up to 2020 Tesla Model P to make a call.

2020 Tesla Model P release date

2020 Tesla Model P is Still a Mystery

If someone knows how to keep a secret and its models until the release date, that is Tesla. There are no details about the 2020 Tesla Model P pickup truck, but we can take Rivian R1T as the example in which way the company will develop its model. So, the main goal is to make battery large enough to make your pickup move for 400 miles. At least. Of course, Tesla never fails to surprise. Can its Model P electric truck go to 500 miles of range?

Of course, these are the high-end versions that will cost a lot. Both Tesla and Rivian need to reduce their prices to sell more units. Well, the competition is always a good thing, for buyers especially. As said, thanks to Tesla’s unpredictability, we can’t say too much about its upcoming vehicle. One thing is sure – a lighter version will cost less, and there will be models with lower range and towing capacity.

2020 Tesla Model P

New Fast Charging Systems, Self-Driving Features

Currently, no other company can match the autonomous drive the Tesla developed. It is still at level 3 (5 is the highest). But, it is enough to keep or switch lanes and keep a distance from other vehicles in traffic. Auto parking is available as well. The next version will add even more options. However, we have only announcements at the moment, without indications or clear details of what it could be.

On the other hand, it is obvious that modern technology speeds up everything. This time, that is charging. The new 2020 Tesla Model P will take less time to fill its generators. More important, new systems will allow a quick, partial charge. For example, the battery will fill up to 30-40 percent in 10-15 minutes, while it will take a half of an hour to reach 70-80 percent. Full recharge time from zero will drop under 2 hours.

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  1. What material did they make this out of? Butt-Uglium? Just sayin’…The Darth Vader/ Skeletor/Terminator/Predator of pickups…

  2. I heard that for a $100 deposit you can pre-order a Model P pickup, but I don’t see even a mention of the Model P on the web site? Am I on the wrong site?


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