2020 GMC TopKick a.k.a. Silverado 5500 HD

Chevrolet is bringing back the medium-duty trucks. For now, we know that series 4, 5, and 6 trucks are coming. Well, it used to be Chevy Kodiak. With the return of this lineup, its twin company, GMC could re-launch its TopKick. If the Chevy renames the Silverado 4500 to Kodiak, then the 5500 model will arrive as 2020 GMC TopKick. Equipped with a large diesel engine, this working truck is going to compete with Ford and Ram medium-duty models.

These are still speculations, but the chances to see the 2020 GMC TopKick are not unrealistic. With the existence of the medium-duty twins with bow tie badge, this truck is also an option. The TopKick was discontinued more than ten years ago. Back then, due to the world economic crisis, General Motors cut these working machines because of slow sales. Now, the lineup is coming back with three series of medium-duty vehicles. We believe that TopKick will be available soon.

2020 GMC TopKick c5500

2020 GMC TopKick Specs

Under the bonnet of the 2020 GMC TopKick will be the most powerful Duramax unit GM is sing for its vehicles. That is a 6.6-liter turbocharged displacement. For the medium-duty segment, this drivetrain is tuned to deliver 350 hp and 700 lb-ft of torque. Revisited Allison transmission is distributing power. Towing capacity of the Silverado 5500 or TopKick will be around 21,000 pounds.

The engine alternative to the Silverado 4500HD and 5500HD trucks is a petrol unit. A 6.0-liter drivetrain is not as powerful as diesel, but it is still strong enough to tow huge loads. The transmission for this unit is not going to be Allison. Well, this configuration can’t match the towing capacity of the Duramax unit, so we believe fewer companies will opt for this one, although it could cost significantly cheaper.

2020 GMC TopKick return

Where Will The New TopKick Be Built?

The upcoming truck is going to be assembled in the US Navistar factories. Experts say to plant in Texas is capable to deliver such units. The new Class 4, 5, and 6 models are the product of cooperation between General Motors and the US Navistar company. That is why we are seeing the Silverado 4500 Kodiak, as well as the 2020 GMC TopKick C5500.

2020 GMC TopKick Release Date

For now, we are not sure if the next Chevy Silverado medium-duty trucks are going to appear under different names. Whatsoever, even if they don’t rebadge 4500HD and 5500HD, these models will be known as Chevy Kodiak and GMC TopKick. The new model will arrive early next year and then we will know if this is going to be the official name. The price of the 2020 GMC TopKick C5500 truck will be around $51,000. Kodiak or Silverado 4500 costs $45,500 and the MSRP of the largest unit, 6500HD is $55,000.

2020 GMC TopKick


The medium-duty segment was not crowded for ages. Ford had a monopoly on the market with its models. However, FCA brought series 4 and 5 for Ram trucks, and now GM is launching even Class 6 chassis cab machine. So, in the next couple of seasons, we could see the battle of big three companies carried over to this segment. Of course, companies that need these big rigs will take advantage of the new market and competition.

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