Is 2020 Ford Ranchero Coming Back?

Ranchero was one of the most popular trucks in their prime. Well, these old school pickups fell out of favor a long time ago. Ford discontinued Ranchero 40 years ago after seven generations of the vehicle. Now, we can hear stories about its comeback, probably as a limited-time edition of F-150 or Ranger. The 2020 Ford Ranchero will be a sporty truck with versatile purpose.

It is not confirmed yet, and we still miss a lot about the 2020 Ford Ranchero. First, there are no official hints or details. Then, we can’t see spy photos of some strange truck. There are variations of Ranger and F-150, and one of these could be Ranchero. Also, Ford is preparing the new Courier small pickup. Another option for Ranchero is to bring back the classic design of a sports car turned into a pickup truck.

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What Will 2020 Ford Ranchero Look Like?

The new 2020 Ford Ranchero will be based on one of the existing vehicles. However, it is still questionable which. If the truck becomes the variation of the existing pickups, then we can expect it on the body on frame platform. In this case, fans will see Ranchero with the same shell as Ranger or F-150. Special upgrades will make it more aggressive. Unique graphics and wheels are certain updates.

On the other hand, the new Ranchero could use the same recipe as its predecessor. But, this time, it could turn some of the existing SUVs into a truck. In this case, the 2020 Ford Ranchero will ride on a unibody architecture. Advantages of this platform are better safety, sportier handling and appearance, and lower cost. Well, if this is the plan, then Ranchero is going to be a smaller truck.

2020 Ford Ranchero


The size of the new Ranchero depends on above-mentioned things. If the truck is after the body on frame platform, then we could see some of the largest displacements for it. A V8 is probably optional, while high-output 3.5-liter V6 will be the main option. As a limited edition offer of the either Ranger or F-150, Ranchero will get one of the existing units of these vehicles. The case is the same as a unibody concept. The engine depends on an SUV the new Ranchero will be based on.

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Rivalry Revives – Ranchero vs El Camino

Rumors about the comeback of the 2020 Ford Ranchero are caused with the same information coming from the GM. Blue Oval’s main rival is going to bring back its famous sport truck – Chevy el Camino. However, it seems like General Motors is a step ahead of its competition since speculations about their truck is more certain. But now, Ford is also in the game. They won’t allow Chevrolet to take the piece of the market without a battle. They did the same in the mid-size segment with revival of the Ranger truck. Now, the lineup expands to the new class.

The major question is sales. With the versatility of the SUV segment, sports trucks don’t have so bright future. Competing for the most popular class in the automotive industry will be suicide. However, the new ranchero, as a limited edition, could be interesting to car collectors which price old pickups quite expensive.

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