Is It Realistic to See 2020 BMW Pickup Truck?

The 2020 BMW pickup truck is still a dream for the fans of the Bavarian carmaker. The manufacturer could fulfill their wish and bring the ute to the market. It is still unknown if the BMW is about to debut in the USA, or in its homeland. Finally, these vehicles are very popular in Australia, where Mercedes launched its X-Class.

Still, everything is very blurry about the 2020 BMW pickup truck. There are a few render images, but these don’t see legit. The carmaker is still silent if they want to start the new era in its history. Well, the pickup truck is a tough challenge and a big turn from the company’s current direction. Sporty and luxurious models are the first things we think when someone mentions BMW. Pickup needs utility.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck vs Mercedes X-Class

Probably the biggest motivation for the Bavarian carmaker is the presence of its archrival in the same class. Mercedes X-Class is not exactly what fans expected, but it is a good start for the three-point star giant. They cooperated with Nissan. Navara, one of the best-selling trucks worldwide, served as the inspiration for the X-Class. So, the pickup is more Nissan, than Mercedes, even when we talk about the premium features.

BMW could also find a partner. Well, if they expand the cooperation with Toyota, we could see the 2020 BMW pickup truck inspired by the latest Hilux. That is not bad either since this model is the biggest rival to Nissan Navara. Still, there is a long way to go before this partnership turns into the production of a premium pickup.

2020 bmw pickup truck

When Will 2020 BMW Pickup Truck Be Available?

There are a few obstacles. First of all, BMW is quite late for the current season. But, it won’t be a problem if they intend to launch the new vehicle. The 2020 BMW Pickup Truck could appear like the concept vehicle first. It would warm up the expectations and make some pressure on the Mercedes. On the other hand, not everything is so simple.

BMW has other priorities. It is questionable if the luxury truck is going to pay off. SUVs are currently dominating the market and these vehicles offer mostly everything other classes specialized. The utility makes pickups different, and the BMW truck needs to be better than X5 and X7 SUVs.

2020 bmw pickup truck release date

Possible Engines

We can take a look at the abovementioned models to find the perfect solution for the 2020 BMW Pickup Truck. This vehicle needs to be practical and durable, capable to work, and reliable off the road. Diesel units are the most likely options for all markets outside the US.

Buyers in North America will have to be satisfied with a petrol engine. The most likely solution is a 3.0-liter I6 with 335 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. A famous xDrive could be standard, although truckers will definitely look for a 2WD pickup as well. A hybrid vehicle is also an option, but this configuration is going to appear on the X5 SUV first.

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