It is Ready – 2019 VW Atlas Tanoak Production Set to Start

Truckers in the US are still waiting for the pickup by Volkswagen. It is likely that the first ever model is coming next year. The 2019 VW Atlas Tanoak will step into North American ground at the right time. After a delay because of the well-known diesel scandal, the things start to cool off. The German carmaker will do all they can to make a strong start to recover the reputation. By adding a truck VW shows it means business.

The 2019 VW Atlas Tanoak concept is ready. But, the delay caused by the scandal makes fans even more eager to see the production model out. The Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak truck won’t cost too much. Also, it will bring all characteristics of VW vehicle – durability, excellent performance, comfort, and low maintenance cost. The exact release date time is not set yet, but we can expect the Tanoak to appear late this year.

2019 VW Atlas Tanoak concept

2019 VW Atlas Tanoak Concept

The 2019 VW Atlas Tanoak is based on its SUV sibling. Well, the platform we could see at the latest NY car show is showing some similarities. But, making a truck of an SUV is a far more complicating job. It is not just turning one class into another. Designers will have a lot of work ahead of the release date. The concept we could see at the Auto Show is not finished yet, but it is very attractive for start.

2019 VW Atlas Tanoak Specs

The truck and SUV will share an engine. The 2019 VW Atlas Tanoak is not going to use the entry-level 4-cylinder drivetrain, but its larger sibling. The pickup will use the power generated by a 3.6-liter V-6 drivetrain. Without any updates, it can currently create 275 horses for the SUV. It also comes with 265 lb-ft of torque. The truck is going to be heavier, which will harm fuel economy.

2019 VW Atlas Tanoak release date

Towing Capacity

The 2019 VW Atlas Tanoak will take the position in the compact segment. It is not going to be capable to tow huge amounts of weight without a diesel engine. For now, we believe that the petrol unit is going to be good for around 6,000 pounds.

2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Diesel

Although the VW took a major hit because of the fake reports about emissions, the new 2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak could see a diesel engine as an option. This is a gamble by the company. The VW is taking the risk, but it could pay off at the end. More towing capacity and better mileage are advantages. On the other side are bad reputation and higher emissions. The decision will be made at the last minute.

2019 VW Atlas Tanoak interior

2019 VW Atlas Tanoak Release Date

The 2019 VW Atlas Tanoak is ready for production. It is just a matter of time when the pickup is becoming official. Shortly after the announcement, the German company will start the sales. The same place where we saw the premiere of the concept could be used for the debut of the production model.

2019 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Cost

The pickup is going to take the position in the compact truck segment. To all its advantages we will add an attractive price. It might not be as cheap as Nissan Frontier, but the vehicle will be among the cheaper trucks in the market.

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