2019 Volvo Pickup Truck Concept Based on the XC60 SUV

Volvo is one of the leading truckmakers. But here, we are talking about big semi-trail vehicles. Not having a pickup truck is a surprise. However, it is not going to last for too long from now. According to the latest rumors and some spy photos, the new 2019 Volvo Pickup Truck is coming.

The 2019 Volvo Pickup Truck should be the concept vehicle that would be later developed into a production model. This segment brings the most profit to companies offering mid-size, half-ton, and heavy-duty trucks. Competition is not numerous, but it is tough. Americans are stuck to their Fords, Rams, and Chevys. But, Japanese trucks are already spoiling plans to US-based manufacturers. Now, with growing interest from European carmakers to test the new market, truckers can only benefit.

2019 Volvo Pickup Truck concept

2019 Volvo Pickup Truck Release Date

During next year we will see the 2019 Volvo Pickup Truck for the first time. However, it is still unknown in which form. It is obvious that the truck is coming as a concept. But, the Swede company could only bring news about the development. On the other hand, we hope to see the first images of the concept. Even it doesn’t mean too much, it will give us a clue what to expect.


It is certain that the 2019 Volvo Pickup Truck will use the same platform as the biggest crossover from this company. The all-new XC90 is coming into showrooms very soon. The engine from the SUV will be the main solution for the Pickup Truck drivetrain. Also, some other ideas are about to be implemented.

2019 Volvo Pickup Truck spy shot

2019 Volvo Pickup Truck Specs and Drivetrains

There are two possibilities for 2019 Volvo Pickup Truck engine. One is to borrow the powertrain from its sibling in SUV class. For the XC90, the company prepares a supercharged four-pot unit. It is a reliable and trustworthy unit that bursts 260 hp. However, with a four-cylinder engine, the new Volvo Pickup can’t compete with half-ton trucks. Instead, it is obvious the Swedish product will take a position in the mid-size segment. There, its main rivals would be Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, and Toyota Tacoma.


The other possibility is to see the 2019 Volvo Pickup Truck with a hybrid system. This concept is not impossible. Since the production is not expected before 2020, engineers will have enough time for the development of the hybrid unit. As for the base truck, the Volvo XC90 could help here. Again, the SUV is using Continental 48 Volt Electrical System that could be modified and installed in the new vehicle. However, in that case, the pickup truck is not going to be able to tow or to perform as with petrol unit. Nevertheless, a possible appearance of such vehicle is causing a lot of interest already.

2019 Volvo Pickup Truck hybrid engine

2019 Volvo Pickup Truck Price

Since this is still a concept vehicle which we expect to see during 2019, there are no closer estimations of its price. However, the 2019 Volvo Pickup Truck will be a luxurious mid-size truck. That means the model will be more expensive than fans of these vehicles got used to. Its starting cost will be closer to the entry-level full-size truck, rather than base Chevy Colorado or Toyota Tacoma. On the other hand, there will be a lot more options and features included, since the Swede company is well-known for it.

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