2019 Tesla Pickup Truck Specs, Release Date

Tesla has been a trendsetter in automobile industry since the inception of the company. While its much hyped SUVs and crossover vehicles –driven by electric power are yet to be mass produced- it manages to stay in the headlines- for various reasons! Even as the future of its much touted Model Y crossover seems clouded, the company seems to be ready to make foray into pickup truck sector. At the recent event where the company’s commercial semi truck was showcased, CEO Elon Musk hinted at the upcoming 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck. While a lot of details are yet to be finalized, he hinted at possible launch time and some features.

2019 Tesla Pickup Truck - front

What is known so far about 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck?

As it is, Tesla has been talking about an electric pickup truck which could be a game changer in pickup segment for quite some time. However, no confirmed news about the truck was known before the recently held Tesla event. At the much-awaited event, the company CEO unveiled the Tesla Semi and Roadster while disclosing some information on the upcoming pickup truck. The CEO said the truck will be manufactured and launched after the Model Y hits the showrooms.

Not much is known about the design of the upcoming 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck. But it will share design cues with existing Tesla vehicles like the Model X. The size will be on par with mainstream trucks like the Chevy Silverado or F-150 line up from Ford. It is not known if the 2019 Tesla Pickup will be released in a few trims or not.

2019 Tesla Pickup Truck - interior

2019 Tesla Pickup Truck – Modifications in the Engine

The CEO did not elaborate on the engine to be used in the upcoming pickup truck by Tesla. However, it may use the same power train used in the existing vehicles of the company with some tweaks added. So, you can expect the electric powertrain used in it to have a range of over 300 miles on a single charge.


Like the existing Tesla models, the upcoming pickup truck will be equipped with some cutting edge safety features. It may get a new version of the company’s much touted autonomous driving tech and provisions to evade road accidents. Amenities like electronically operated sunroof, LED ambient lighting, ventilated seats and premium sound system may be offered. Some additional packages may be offered as well.

2019 Tesla Pickup Truck - rear

2019 Tesla Pickup Truck – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

Like many other aspects of the upcoming 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck, its pricing and exact time of release remains unknown. However, its price may be much above regular midsized pickups. The expected release date could be in early 2020. The upcoming Tesla Pickup Truck 2019 is an interesting vehicle that may user in new era in pickup segment.

However, a lot of details of the truck are unclear including the price and powertrain. The early design looks futuristic though a lot can be changed when the final model hits the road. Tesla should not delay the launch much as other rivals are getting into producing hybrid and green energy powered truck production with time.

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