Elon Musk’s Top Priority – 2019 Tesla Model P Pickup Truck

With Tesla, you could never know what is next. Elon Musk is always full of surprises. Well, recently, he had a lot of interesting comments about the pickup trucks, and fans are already out there with concepts. On the other hand, they must be on the right path. The next steps in the evolution of the US carmaker are building of a roadster and a truck. The latest one could appear next season as 2019 Tesla Model P.

Although we thought it could be Model U, it seems like the 2019 Tesla Model P is now favorite. This is going to be a small truck with the dual motor powertrain. It is impossible to steal the info from this company, so there are no rumors we could all trust. All we have are hints and announcements from official sources. By now, all of them are spectacular and far-fetched.

2019 Tesla Model P render

2019 Tesla Model P Hints

The first clue is coming from Elon Musk’s Twitter account and public appearance. Lately, he made a lot of comments regarding a pickup truck. It seems the like he is trying to convince us the company is working on it. But, fans want to know is it the 2019 Tesla Model P? As always, they will have to wait to find out the truth.

Another hint comes from the presentation of the semi-truck. The electric the machine had a debut and an interesting detail draws a lot of attention. This truck is carrying the smaller pickup truck on its back. Is it the easter egg of the 2019 Tesla Model P? Again, the carmaker remains mysterious on this as well.

2019 Tesla Model P teaser

2019 Tesla Model P Drivetrain

Well, this is obvious – the powertrain of the 2019 Tesla Model P will be an all-electric motor. It was not to hard to guess. Another certain thing is that pickup truck will use dual motor powertrain. On its Twitter account, Musk confirms AWD for the Model P and high twisting power output. The upcoming vehicle will get the special suspension as well. Tesla plans to make this part adjustable for load weight.

2019 Tesla Model P Features

Furthermore, in discussions with fans, the CEO confirms some details that could be part of the 2019 Tesla Model P. Autonomous drive and automatic parking are some of them. Also, the truck brings sensors and systems that will make a life of a driver much easier.

2019 Tesla Model P concept

2019 Tesla Model P Release Date

A truck is one of the priorities for the US company. They established themselves as leaders in the electric automotive industry, and now they must meet all expectations of their growing fan base. And buyers want a truck. The 2019 Tesla Model P could be just a sneak peek, with Model Y being the top priority at the moment. However, the crossover is already in advanced stages of development, while the truck is still in the concept phase.

Also, fans are worried about the price of the 2019 Tesla Model P. Well, the company made a mistake with its first SUV. Although they made an impact, the sales are slow because of the high price. That is the reason why we will see the Model Y so soon. The truck must be competitive since the pickup market is very specific. Innovations are accepted only if they are boosting functionality. So, a lot of gadgets and wow effect won’t help Tesla sell Model P continuously.

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