2019 Audi Truck Combines Elements From Q7 SUV and VW Amarok

Audi is seriously considering stepping into pickup truck market. They have a good base. First of all, there is VW Amarok truck which is pretty successful in Europe and Australia. The existing vehicle would be upgraded with elements from Audi Q7 crossover. As a parent company, the Volkswagen is going to launch this luxury pickup as 2019 Audi Truck.

The name of the upcoming vehicle is still unknown. It could be just 2019 Audi Truck or Q7 Truck. Also, some other abbreviation is possible, like T7 or TQ7. This vehicle is going to compete with new Mercedes X-Class and announced BMW Pickup Truck.

2019 Audi truck concept

2019 Audi Truck Specs

The 2019 Audi Truck closest sibling VW Amarok is using a 3.0-liter diesel engine that is good for 220 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. It is new, but unfortunately, a diesel unit. After the scandals with fake emission reports, there is no chance for that upcoming 2019 Audi Pickup Truck will use such powertrain. Instead, the company will turn to the existing and proven engine on the US soil. That is 3.0-liter petrol from Q7 SUV. A supercharged engine is capable to produce 350 horses and 330 lb-ft of twist. If there is a perfect replacement, that would be this TFSI drivetrain.

The unit is certainly going to be mated to an eight-speed transmission. The Tiptronic gearbox sends power to all wheels. But, for this truck, the German carmaker will tune it for a two-wheel drive as well. The Audi Q7 has the excellent towing capability for its class. Results that 2019 Audi Truck could achieve are yet to be announced.

2019 Audi Pickup Truck Exterior Styling

Outer lines of the 2019 Audi Truck will remind us on VW Amarok. If drivetrain is not suitable for the upcoming pickup, then shell definitely is excellent. Its distinctive look will refresh the market in the United States. Also, Audi will make some changes to highlight the premium line of its vehicle.

2019 Audi truck render

2019 Audi Truck Interior

But, more luxury we will find inside the cabin of the 2019 Audi Pickup Truck. Again, the cab configurations of the Amarok will get a Q7 touch. Wooden accents and leather seats and upholstery would be a great addition to the existing dashboard of Volkswagen truck. Audi is going to add its MMI infotainment system though. The rest of the cockpit doesn’t need any serious upgrade.

2019 Audi Truck Release Date

The X-Class of Mercedes vehicles is also on its way to the US. But, it already has its version with growing popularity in Australia. But, by embellishing the VW Amarok, Audi would make its own model for the USA market. It should happen as soon as possible since the competition is not letting them make another mistake. Also, being the first luxury truck in North America would put them in an advantage over later arrivals.

2019 Audi truck concept


The 2019 Audi Truck is not going to be cheap. For example, its sibling costs around $40,000 when we convert it from other units. Its main competitor, Mercedes X-Class costs 38,000 pounds in the UK ($50,000). That is exactly where we can expect the 2019 Audi Pickup Truck to start its offer.

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