2018 Ford Raptor Specs, Release Date

Ford is planning on releasing the 2018 Ford Raptor into the market. The new truck has impressive improvements on the features of the previous model. The full-sized SUV is coming out in a stylish combination of colors and designs. It is packed with luxury features and elegance and retains the previous models’ length, width, and height of the body. The platform that was used to build the previous model will be used to build this model as well. It is built with and possesses the latest in advanced technology.

2018 Ford Raptor front

2018 Ford Raptor – Redesign

The vehicle has a new kind of chassis and an aluminum and military grade steel body of expected standard. Its overall weight has reduced. Unlike past models, the 2018 Ford Raptor will be a four-wheel drive vehicle. This makes the model harder and tough, able to handle the unfriendly terrain. The wheel, though, is of the standard size like the one on its forerunner. The exterior of the vehicle is has been changed. Innovations have been included. The rear of the vehicle seems to have been left as it were in the older model. It has standard locks and alarms for security and also has parking sensors.

2018 Ford Raptor – Immaculate Design:

The interior of this luxurious SUV is elegant, possessing most recent features and superior technology. Inside the vehicle is stylish and comfortable leather upholstery seats. There is enough space between the seat rows. The appearance of its interior is spacious and inviting. The front seats have numerous adjustment options and are highly movable. A passenger on the front seat can have more than 5 adjustment options. Different suspension systems have been added for increased comfort and relaxation.

The Ford Raptor 2018 will also possess a front and back infotainment system. It has USB ports, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built in. it has 4G internet. Communication on the go will be a breeze. On the dashboard are an LCD screen, buttons, and keypad. This model seems to be built with comfort, relaxation, and luxury in mind. The SUV’s floor cover with luxurious leather upholstery is built to promote these features. It also has airbags and satellite cruise and navigation systems. This puts this truck in a class of its own in packing modern, convenient and appealing altogether.

2018 Ford Raptor interior

2018 Ford Raptor – Engine Specs:

It has a single 3.5 liter V6, EcoBoost engine. The designers of this model do seem to have considered more than one engine as an option. But the idea of the twin-engine appears to have been ditched for the single engine. The engine produces a 450 hp, and 450 lb/ft torque. This engine does produce optimal power level and economizes on fuel for the model. The pick-up has a 9-speed transmission system and automatic gearbox. It attains a speed of 60mph in 6 seconds and can be driven at a top speed of 130 mph. This is evidence that it has a great performing unit.

2018 Ford Raptor side

2018 Ford Raptor – Price and Expected Release Date:

The release date of this truck is yet to be confirmed, but it is expected, anytime in early 2017. It is expected to sell at between $44,000 and $50,000 depending on selected design. The 2018 Ford Raptor is definitely a classy model to look out for.

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  1. I would like to know if this comes in a stick shift. If possible! And how much would this truck run if it was a stick shift?? I love fords with a passion! But sadly I don’t see any stick shifts being made anymore


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