2017 VW Amarok Canyon Edition Features, Price

With the Amarok generation already in the market, Volkswagen is to keep up the pace of premium trucks through the introduction of the 2017 VW Amarok Canyon Edition. From the modern outlook to the performance and interior features, the truck will compete with the likes of Ford Ranger. The developers speculate of exclusive features, especially this being a commercial type of vehicle. Most of the upgrades and installations match the modern requirements.

2017 VW Amarok Canyon Edition front

2017 VW Amarok Canyon Edition – Exterior Features:

The first remarkable changes are on the headlights, which have LED lightings useful during daytime hours. For the front side, the replacement of the previous metal material is evident with a classic grille. To add up to this style, the 20-inch rim wheels give the truck a sporty but stable look. For the rear part, the 2017 VW Amarok Canyon Edition enjoys decals and an impact bed liner to reduce the severity of impacts.

2017 VW Amarok Canyon Edition – Interior:

For the interior, orange is the main color, for most of the compartments. The leather seats and spacious interior contributes to a comfortable ride. Other significant changes are on the dashboard and the gearbox. This version of Amarok will be available as a double cabin with a medium size trunk enough to carry full-size pallets.

2017 VW Amarok Canyon Edition interior

2017 VW Amarok Canyon Edition – Engine and Performance

In order to ensure the truck has enough power, the V6 engine is the most appropriate for the 2017 VW Amarok Canyon Edition. This diesel-powered engine with a displacement of 3.0-liter will have a power of over 201 hp and torque of over 540 Nm. This combination is way ahead of the Ford Ranger, which has a five-cylinder engine. The Canyon edition will have three varieties, depending on engine power.

With this engine, the power can power the truck efficient both in the four-wheel and two-wheel drive. In fact, the maximum torque approaches 1600 rpm, enough for the load capacity. This improves the towing capacity to 3500 kg, above the normal truck capacity of 3000 kg. In addition to this, the optimization gear system reduces transmission noise and production of the engine by-products.

For enhanced performance, the Servotronic steering wheel and the improved brakes increase the stability of the car while at high speeds. The four-wheel drive has an adjustable axle and enjoys the services of an 8-gear automatic transmission. With the bi-turbo addition, the acceleration at full load capacity is perfect even at steeper terrains. The Off-road mode and safety Assists promotes the trucks performance and stability.

2017 VW Amarok Canyon Edition rear

2017 VW Amarok Canyon Edition – Price and Release Date:

The fact that the VW Amarok Canyon Edition 2017 outdoes most of the recent trucks in the market will have an impact on the price. The truck varieties will have different pricing due to engine power variations. However, the price of this Volkswagen will be above $50,000 depending on the economic scales at the launching time.

For the release dates, the developers are in the final touches of the truck and it should launch before the end of 2016. The countries to get the first launches include Germany and Australia, before a universal launch. Later versions of the truck will come in before late 2017.

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