2017 Dodge RAM Rampage Features, Price

Dakota was a leading brand in making small compact trucks, but with its discontinuation, the house of Dodge had no compact truck in its inventory. This affected the sales of the company and then plans of starting a new small compact truck segment emerged. The coming of 2017 Dodge RAM Rampage might be seen as a resurrection of the Dakota, with better features and facilities. Though the name implies that this will be a very aggressive vehicle, it is actually not so. Lots of resemblances are being found with Fiat Toro.

2017 Dodge RAM Rampage front

2017 Dodge RAM Rampage – Design and Features:

Specifically designed for US customers, the Dodge RAM Rampage 2017 has features which are bold and macho. The exteriors of the compact truck have a very fresh look. The scoop model can be seen in the hood. However, the grilles and the front fenders have an aggressive appeal. The RAM logo can see boldly written on the front grille; while ‘Supercharged’ and ‘SRT’ are also mentioned in bold in the truck. The lights are updated in the truck offering better visibility during night. Special mention needs to be made of the fog lights, which come with an updated version and better look. The base of the truck is lowered as well for high performances.

The interiors of 2017 RAM Rampage are also done in great style. Exciting details are available in the interiors including Alcantara inserts in the bolstered seats. There is a gauge cluster with SRT brand. Various accents are also available of carbon fiber. There will be a screen measuring 8.4 inches, which is part of the infotainment system. The truck will also have a UConnect System. The audio system installed in the car can be from Harmon/Kardon.

As per reports from the industry, no fixed data have been available regarding the safety and security features that are installed in the 2017 Dodge RAM Rampage. However, it is being estimated that standard security features will be available in them.

2017 Dodge RAM Rampage interior

2017 Dodge RAM Rampage – Power Expectations:

The 2017 Dodge RAM Rampage is expected to have a powerful engine offering great performance. The compact truck is estimated to run on a 1.4-liter engine and 2.4-liter. Exact figures regarding the towing capacity of the truck are still not known. The engine will be coupled to 9-speed transmission. A 6-speed manual transmission might also be available in the truck, making driving fun for adventurous drivers.

2017 Dodge RAM Rampage rear

2017 Dodge RAM Rampage – Price and Release Date:

The starting price of 2017 Dodge RAM Rampage is being estimated to start from $17,000. However, with higher and better features to be installed in the interiors, the prices might shoot up little. There is no information on the release date of the 2017 Dodge Rampage as yet. It might be available sometime in the next year 2017.

The horsepower, the great suspension, the exteriors and the interiors, and manual transmission – all these features make the 2017 Dodge Rampage a coveted choice for people who love adventure driving. The muscular truck when released is sure to make a mark in the automobile industry.

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