2017 Chevy Reaper Price, Interior

General Motors is on an overdrive to expand its automobile portfolio for the coming years. Along with introducing new models in the lineup, GM is also keen on revamping existing ones. The Chevrolet Reaper which was introduced in 2014 is all set to get a revamp for 2017. It is pitted against the formidable Ford Raptor. This is going to be more of a facelift version than a complete overhaul, as per the industry buzz.

2017 Chevy Reaper front

2017 Chevy Reaper – Design and Features:

Like the majority of Chevrolet trucks, the 2017 Chevy Reaper is going to have a rugged build. Some resemblances with Silverado will be there. However, small changes in the front fascia, lamps, and grille are expected for the 2017 model. The truck may get bigger 20-inch alloy wheels. Usage of aluminum has resulted in a reduction of overall body weight. The model will be offered in several exterior colors. The reinforced skid plates give it enhanced durability.

The cabin of upcoming Chevy Reaper 2017 will have some major changes compared to the existing model. The seats will be spruced up and they will be wrapped in quality leather. The truck can accommodate 4 to 5 people. Some updates to in-cabin amenities and infotainment setup are also expected.

The 2017 Chevy Reaper will also be equipped with latest safety and entertainment features. Safety features are likely to include airbags, Stability control, anti-lock brakes, rearview camera. The truck will have a powerful in-cabin infotainment setup. From climate control to in-cabin storage bins and wireless connectivity options, the amenities will be aplenty. You may get options for customized upholstery.

2017 Chevy Reaper interior

2017 Chevy Reaper – Drivetrain Configuration:

It is expected that the upcoming Chevy Reaper will be sold with 2 engine options. There will be a 5.3-liter EcoTec V8 engine which makes 475 hp. You can also opt for the 6.2-liter V8 unit that makes 550 hp. Both of these engines surpass the arch rival Ford Raptor by a margin.

2017 Chevy Reaper side

2017 Chevy Reaper – Price and Release Date:

Chevrolet has not said anything on the exact price of 2017 Reaper. However, industry experts think the truck will have a base price tag of $50,000. This can go up based on options chosen by you. It will be launched in late 2016.


Overall, the Chevy Reaper 2017 is a decent pickup truck with powerful engines and stylish design. It is also equipped with nice tech features. However, it will face competition from contenders like Toyota Tundra along with Ford Raptor.

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