2017 Chevy Avalanche Price, Release Date

The pickup truck market has experienced a boost in the recent years. It is needless to say that leading automobile companies have released vehicles in the category, trying to capture the market in the way they can. Chevrolet too has joined the competition and designed a pickup truck with the name 2017 Chevy Avalanche.

2017 Chevy Avalanche front

2017 Chevy Avalanche – Design and Features:

The Chevy Avalanche is getting all new look, which is sure to make it all the more attractive and appealing to customers. When compared to the previous model, this model has upscale exterior features and the design is being reshaped to give the vehicle a more modern appearance. Lightweight materials are being used in the making of the chassis of the vehicle, reducing the weight of the vehicle still keeping it tough. The front bumper of the vehicle is redesigned. The grille is larger when compared to the previous model. The new headlights are designed in such a manner that they impart a new design to the vehicle. The fog lights run on LED technology. The trims available for 2017 Avalanche include Black Diamond, LS, LTZ and LT.

Interiors of Chevy Avalanche 2017 are designed to be elegant and attractive. The dashboard design is improved and made of comfortable materials. The interiors are done in wooden trims and the seats are made of high-quality leather. The infotainment system offers entertainment facilities while driving. Other features also include modern air conditioning, updated navigation features, sound speakers etc. The features get better and updated with higher trims of the vehicle.


The Avalanche also comes with amazing safety and security features including parking sensors, rearview camera, brake assistance, blind spot monitoring etc. All these help in safe driving of the vehicle on all kinds of terrains.

2017 Chevy Avalanche interior

2017 Chevy Avalanche – Drivetrain Configuration:

The drive train of 2017 Chevrolet Avalanche is powered by a 5.3-liter DOHC 16V V8 direct fuel injection engine. The engine has the capacity of offering 320 hp of energy and offers torque of 335 lbs-ft. The engine is coupled with 6-speed automatic transmission for great performance.

2017 Chevy Avalanche rear

2017 Chevy Avalanche – Predicted Release Date and Price:

Though exact prices of the trims of 2017 Chevy Avalanche are not known, it is being estimated that they will be in the range of $32,000 – $40,000.

Also, as per information available from the automobile industry, the 2017 Avalanche is estimated to be available in the market by the end of 2016 or by beginning of 2017.


The 2017 Chevy Avalanche is also expected to provide stiff competition to the likes of Toyota Tundra. The Chevy Avalanche has the perfect combination of performance, utility, and luxury for drivers and passengers.

7 thoughts on “2017 Chevy Avalanche Price, Release Date”

  1. I am so excited about this. My Avalanche is a 2007, other tires and a new battery she runs just as good as back then. I have bought anything because I just couldn’t find anything comparable to the Avalanche. Way to go Chevy. We have been waiting.

  2. It’s about time, I bought a 2016 High Country in June 2016, but, will be interesting in trading when the new Avalanche hits the dealers. I drove Avalanches for 9 years looking forward to another one.

  3. I had a 2002 Avalanche and it lasted 14 years and 275,000 miles. I just traded it in. I miss it and will buy another one in two years.

  4. I am driving a 2004 Avalanche it has over 280,00 miles. I can’t even think of getting rid of it. It’s the best vehicle I have ever owned. Please consider putting the hard plastic around the bottom and front again. It has saved me so many trips to the body shop. Looking forward to seeing the new models. Love Avalanches!!

  5. I am the original owner of a 2005 Avalanche. She’s never been to a shop except for regular maintenance!!! Engine hit 368,117 miles before I swapped it for another 5.3L with 68,000 miles due to a constant check engine light. Changing the evap canister didn’t correct the problem. I have refused to by anything else thus far. Glad the Avalanche is back!!! Time to upset the wife!!!

  6. I have a 2003 Avalanche, bought into new traded a Cadillac Seville in on it and have loved every minute. Have other cars but the Avalanche is always my “go to” vehicle. It’s loaded with every option you could get on one at the time and just as luxurious as my Caddy was. At that time was looking at the Cadillac EXT but settled for the loaded Avalanche and still saved $12K. Will buy another when available.


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